Landlords Gas Safety Records

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure their gas appliances, in rented accommodation, are checked for safety once a year by an appropriate registered gas installer.

The Regulations require the landlord to keep a record in respect of the appliances to which that duty extends. The record must include:-

1. the date of inspection
2. any defects identified
3. any remedial action taken

These records will need to be made available to the tenant.

Our engineers on checking an appliance for safety will ensure that:-

1. the flue works correctly, the terminal in correctly sited and the flue is sound throughout its length.
2. the burner pressure or heat input is correct in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
3. the ventilation is adequate.
4. all gas safety devices work in accordance with current standards, for example, flame supervision devices.
5. the installation/appliances pass a tightness test. (testing for any leaks on the pipework or appliance)
6. the installation as a whole conforms to current standards and is not dangerous.

On completion of the safety inspection the necessary paperwork must be filled in. 3 copies must be available, one for the letting agent/landlord, 1 for the tenant and one to be kept by the installer for future reference.

In addition to keeping written records for two years, landlords/agents are required to do the following.

1. to provide a copy of the record to the tenant within 28 days of the check taking place.
2. to ensure that a copy of the last landlords gas safety record is supplied to the a new tenant when first occupying a premises.

Where premises are for short let (less than 28 days at a time) a copy of the current record should be prominently displayed within the premises. This generally applies to holiday homes, leisure vehicles etc.